Anubias ‘Nancon’ was hybridized by Bob Gasser and is a cross between A. barteri var. nana and A. heterophylla. A. ‘Nancon’ has dark green medium sized leaves and a compact growing form. Its growth rate is medium, similar to A. barteri var. nana in the aquarium which makes it another perfect aquarium plant.

The rhizome must be kept above the substrate surface or it can rot. Only the white roots should be buried.

Plant Details

Common Name: Anubias ‘Nancon’
Scientific Name: Anubias ‘nancon’
Family Name: Araceae
Native Location: Cultivar
Care Level: Begginer
Lighting: Low – Medium
pH: 5.0 – 7.0
CO2 Requirement: 0 – 20 mg/L
Hardness Level: 0 – 30 dH
Growth Rate: Slow
Placement: Midground – Background
Available As: Bare Root, Pot, Attached to Driftwood
Bare Root: M, L
Growth Height: 18+ inches
Temperature: 70° – 82°