Hygrophila difformis is a popular aquarium plant that has been in the trade for many years and is often sold under the name Water Wisteria. Hygrophila difformis is an easy to grow aquarium plant that has a very intricate leaf structure and a bright green color. This makes it an attractive aquarium plant for background areas, or it can be used close to the front if trimmed and replanted frequently. Emersed leaves of Hygrophila difformis take on a completely different appearance being smaller and round without any pinnate structures.

Plant Details

Common Name: Hygrophilia Wisteria
Scientific Name: Hygrophila difformis
Family Name: Acanthaceae
Native Location: Southeast Asia
Care Level: Beginner  
Lighting: Medium – High
pH: 5.0 -8.0
CO2 Requirement: 10 – 20 mg/L
Hardness Level: 0 – 12 dH
Growth Rate: Fast
Placement: Background
Available As: Bunch, Pot
Bare Root: M, L
Growth Height: 20+ inches
Temperature: 72° – 82°