Rotala Rotundifolia also known as Rotala Indicia in many places, is one of the easiest colorful plants to grow. This plant will grow in moderate light with no problems, but the stronger the light, the more colorful this plant will be, see pictures. The color can range from Pink,  red, to orange depending on the light intensity and nutrients found in your water column.

Plant Details

Common Name: Rotala Indica
Scientific Name: Rotala Rotundifolia
Family Name: 
Native Location: Eastern Asia
Care Level: Beginner 
Lighting: Medium – High
pH: 5.0 – 8.0
CO2 Requirement: 0 – 20 mg/L
Hardness Level: 0 – 18 dH
Growth Rate: Fast
Placement: Midground
Available As: Bunch
Bare Root: M, L
Growth Height: 10″ inches
Temperature: 70* – 82*